About Us

We serve traditional baked goods that are fresh, delicious, satisfying and wholesome. From daily bread to special pastries, everything is prepared and baked fresh daily. Our recipes have been passed down from one generation to the next, proudly combining our roots, our heritage and our dreams. We love to serve our community. 

There is something so pure about baking. So wholesome and authentic. Real ingredients, real flavors, real fun. For us baking isn't just a dessert or a loaf of bread, it is about celebration and bringing people together.

The first time Steve and Jamie baked together was when they made 90 fresh fruit pies for their friend's wedding. The pies finished with lattice tops were all done by hand. The apples were picked, peeled and cored. The peaches fresh from BC were peeled and sliced by hand. They had so much fun together. The feedback from the guests was incredible and a dream was born.

Website: www.bootsmabakery.com